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Announcing our range of Subwoofers

Hi everyone,

Sub woofers are very close. Part of the problem is that we have had trouble sourcing decent amplifiers. The first Class AB was fairly ordinary and noisy when the speaker level inputs were used. We sent it back.

Originally we were going to produce an 8 inch and a 10 inch. However we have decided to issue two 10 inch subs. One will be in a sealed box called the 005 Zeno and will be about 15 litres, the other in a larger ported box.  This is one monster driver pushing these things, with an Xmax 11mm, 2kg magnet, 75mm voice coil.

The kits will be available as:

  1. Driver only;
  2. Driver and your choice of box;
  3. Driver, box and miniDSP amp (PWR-ICE125WD) for use with your own crossover, or as an LFE speaker driven by your amp,
  4. Driver, box and miniDSP amp PWR-ICE125WD and miniDSP 2x4 processor.

You can have your choice of the smaller or larger box.

The miniDSP 2x4 and PWR-ICE125WD combination costs about the same as the PWR-ICE125 with DSP but offers more flexibility. Read about it here. Some of the features are:

  1. Matrix mixer. This means that you can have any input to any output;
  2. Between the inputs and outputs you can insert a crossover filter, either high pass or low pass;
  3. You can also insert a parametric equaliser.


We will be selling it with a voucher to use to download the software. We will offer instructions to optimum setup for our subwoofers.

We will be using these in our subwoofers.

Cheers for now


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