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This is our store’s blog. We are enthusiasts who have set up a store to supply tested loudspeaker kits. I read recently that to build a good loudspeaker you have to be proficient at acoustics, electronics and woodworking.  Having spent the last 30 years on and off trying to build speakers I agree.  So to make it easier we have produced two kits that will make it easier for you to build a quality loudspeaker with a high WAF.  Maybe we should call that SAF for Spouse Acceptance Factor.  Having said that we have allowed enough scope for veteran tinkerers, and for those that want to either save money or do their own things knowing that there is a fall back position, in that you can always reproduce our design.

We have no interest in having our uncompleted kits out there, and want you to finish them, so we offer discounts on replacement parts, and advice on how to finish our kit.  But be warned, we cannot offer advice on 'what if?' questions, but we want to hear about your successes. 

Our support includes help with building the crossover, discounts on replacement drivers it you have put a screwdriver through one, replacing the box panels if you drop one.  For example if you decide that something is beyond you (such as the crossover) you can return it to us and we will finish and test it for you, and return it.  Be warned though you will have to pay freight both ways as well as the cost of construction.  Just give us a call and we will help you through it.  This support is only available if you have purchased a kit.

Because these are a kit we do not accept returns.  You have to think carefully if you can complete the kit prior to purchase.  I can tell you that if you bought some drivers and crossover components and some MDF to experiment, you would have already spent more money than one of our kits, and you would have no assurance of success, or if you are not an experienced wood worker you might not even have a nice box at the end of the exercise.  So we think we are offering good value.

Coming soon: 

  1. ten inch subwoofer.  Specs to date are: good to 32 Hz, 110 dB @ 1m at Xmax, 350 Watt amp and a reasonable size, smaller than a fridge, larger than a shoebox;
  2. A larger 2 way with a 6-7 inch woofer;
  3. A three way floor standing speaker.  It will be conventional bass reflex maybe with an active crossover and amp options.  Any ideas?

Current experiments include active systems and arrays.

Meanwhile on a sadder note David Bowie died yesterday.  There is not much that I can add to all the press, but he was a big part of my early music listening experiences and of my growing up and will be missed.

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