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HI all,


I thought I would share some of our planned products, and let people voice what they would like to see or to be prioritised.

  1. A ten inch subwoofer;
  2. A small personal speaker, smaller than our 001;
  3. A larger two way floor standing (with stand) speaker with a 7 inch woofer and a ring radiator tweeter.  This will be a bit of a flagship and audiophile quality, if all goes well;
  4. An array;
  5. An MTM based on our 002 Meno Paradox speaker, which would be more efficient and could be used as a centre speaker with our little 2 way.  Or 3 of then could be used across the front, and the older speaker as the rear, or as a more efficient stereo pair;
  6. Either an eight inch sub, or a twelve inch sub, depending on feedback.  It equates to less cost or more bass;
  7. A three way floor stander;
  8. A 2.5 way floor standing speaker.

Let us know which you would like to see first.

I would like to apologise for our misbehaving website, a case of operator error.  If you ever have any problems with the website, or if there is missing info, please let us know at




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