DIY Loudspeaker Kits
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About Us


Paradox Loudspeakers was formed to bring diy loudspeaker kits to a wider public.  We understand that not everyone has a workshop full of woodworking tools so we designed a kit box that we hope will have high WAF, great sound, and can be put together with a modest outlay in tools.  We designed these kits so that they can be assembled with tools that are all available at the local hardware store if you don’t already own them.

Alan Subkey

Alan has been interested in sound reproduction since trying to build amplifiers and speakers from about the age of 14. Early attempts were not successful, the less said the better. But one of the things that Alan learned was that to build a speaker is actually very difficult. Not only do you have a very large number of electrical and acoustical parameters to wrestle with, but building a wooden box is actually much harder than it looks. Many readers will have a similar story to tell. Following these failed attempts and many years Alan had the opportunity to study with Neville Thiele and Ian Dash at the University of Sydney in 2003. Several unfinished projects were started during this period, some eventually resulted in the projects on this website, others were finally finished and enjoyed regularly.