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005 Zeno's Paradox


Zeno’s paradoxes "You will never reach point B from point A as you must always get half-way there, and half of the half, and half of that half, and so on ..."
A compact sealed subwoofer with a frequency response down to about 30Hz.
A 10” subwoofer, with miniDSP PWR-ICE125WD plate amplifier  and miniDSP 2x4 DSP.  This very compact amp module uses the much acclaimed Ice Power amplifier technology and can produce 2 x 140W or 1 x 450W bridged (into 4 Ohms) and slightly less into our sub as it is 6 Ohms. If you want to use these modules for your own projects they are available separately or bundled with the miniDSP 2x4, go to the 'products' page.  For bundled prices with the subwoofer, see below.

The speaker driver is the SB Acoustics SB29-SWNRX-75-06.  It has a hard paper cone, vented pole piece, massive aluminium chassis, 3 inch voice coil with 4 layers, rubber surround, 200 Watt power handling, 2.1kg magnet.  This thing is a monster!  Data sheet here.


The 005 is an extremely compact subwoofer unit that could used very effectively in a car, a small apartment,  or is just as home in a decent sized media room due to its power handling capacity.  It measures 320mm x 320mm x 275mm external dimensions not including the grill.  Output to approximately 108dB, and frequency response from 30Hz to 500Hz or so. 
Download a PDF of the frequency response here.
Note that the dip at 80Hz is a floor reflection.  We will post a better frequency response soon.

MiniDSP PWR-ICE 125 WD Plate Amp

This amp module is available separately to build into your project.  For more info please see the MiniDSP website here.  Note there is no crossover built in, you will need the miniDSP 2x4 as well or use a different crossover.  The plate amp is available with built in DSP, but for about the same money, and with much greater flexibility the combined PWR-ICE 125WD and miniDSP 2x4 is a very hard combination to beat.
This amp module uses the much acclaimed Ice Power amplifier technology and can produce 2 x 140W or 1 x 450W bridged (into 4 Ohms) and slightly less into our sub as it is 6 Ohms. 
This enables you to use the outputs in a very flexible manner.  You could for instance use the second channel by putting a set of terminals on the sub and powering your main speakers, or you could bridge it for very high output.  230 volt only (switchable to 115 volt).

MiniDSP 2x4

This little module provides 2 inputs and 4 outputs and can be configured in any number of ways.  Please have a look at the MiniDSP website here.  You will need a plug-in  and we have provided you with a voucher to download it without having to pay again.  Unless you want 31 band graphic equalizer or a specialist application we recommend the 2x4 Advanced plug-in as a starting point.  If you find that you want some other features you can download another plug-in for $US10 directly from miniDSP.  Great value. 
Note that you cannot use an output at speaker level, the unit only accepts line level.  You can make an attenuator consisting of about 6 resistors if you want to use speaker levels.
 MDF box only, wood grain box coming soon.


Currently we have developed an MDF box only.  Construction is fairly simple because of butt joints and the use of Dominoes.  These are like a dowel.


You will need:
  1. Clear PVA wood glue;
  2. Soldering iron or a crimper;
  3. Clamps - or alternatively you could drill holes and screw it together while the glue sets;
  4. Drill;
  5. 3mm Allen key;
  6. Philips screw driver;
  7. Staple gun;
  8. Epoxy glue;
  9. Silicone sealer;


  1. Layout the box parts and the dominoes;
  2. Put the front and back to the side;
  3. Dry fit the sides together, check that the front and back panels fits;
  4. If using screws as the 'clamps' you probably want to drill the holes at this point.  Countersunk screws can be left in, and countersunk below the surface and filled.  Alternatively button head screws can be used temporarily and removed.  The holes should be filled;
  5. Apply glue to the sides, and the dominoes;
  6. Fit them together, and clamp, or screw together, let the glue set;
  7. While this is happening assemble the box for the amp, by gluing and screwing;
  8. Glue the amp enclosure to the rear panel, and let the glue set;
  9. The front and back panels can simply be face glued, and screwed together.  There is plenty of surface area, and MDF is made for gluing;
  10. Drill holes in the amp enclosure for the cables, and pull them through;
  11. Set up the amp with the jumpers for Bridge operation or two channel operation depending on your needs.  Instructions are here;
  12. Drill holes for the amp, 2.5mm should be adequate;
  13. Screw the amp in place;
  14. You can either solder the speaker or use spade connectors.  You will need either a soldering iron and solder, or spade connectors and a crimper.  Spade connectors should be red, 6.8mm;
  15. The speaker driver weighs a ton, well 7kgs so you need to be careful when you position it, because it is difficult to reposition if you get it in the wrong place;
  16. Screw it in using 3mm Allen key;
  17. Turn down the master volume, plug into power and a source and fire it up!


These prices include GST:
Driver only $260;
Driver and unassembled box $375, note that there is no cut out for an amp, we can provide a sub enclosure for amp for free but will need internal dimensions;
Driver, box and amp $735;
Driver, Box, amp, and miniDSP 2x4 $875;
Assembly Extra $50 will still require painting or veneering .
Box is MDF, other options are available please drop us an email:

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