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012 Personal Music Cube

012 Personal Music Cube


Our new full range speaker.  Designed as a desktop speaker or for a small room, or to augment your TV sound. 

We reckon  a music system based on a car head unit would be fantastic.  If you shop around, for $100 (Aussie money) you can buy a brand name AM/FM radio, CD, amp, and all the features you want including Bluetooth.  All you need is a 12 volt power supply able to provide 5 amps or so.

The Type 012 Personal Music Cube uses the SB Acoustics SB65WBAC25-4.  A true full range in a compact package, 2.5 inches in diameter.  For such a small speaker it provides a nice full sound.  


What's in the box

What's in the box

The photo shows what you will receive:

  1. enough MDF cut to size for two boxes 150mm cubed;
  2. two SB Acoustics drivers;
  3. 4m wire;
  4. screws;
  5. MDF grilles;
  6. speaker cloth;
  7. velcro to attach the speaker grilles;
  8. acoustic absorbent material to go in the box, not shown;
  9. instructions.

We have been experimenting with spray paints.  Worth a go, but practice on some scraps, or take the speakers around to a friend who is into restoring cars.

We have some sprayed boxes that are not perfect in various colours.  Some have runs in the paint or some other imperfection.  Drop us a line if you are interested.  We will sell them in a kit for the same price as an unassembled kit.  There will be nothing wrong with the sound!  If you email us, we will let you know what colours we have and send you photos of the imperfections.

An alternative is to paint them with a foam roller, the type used for gloss paint.

To assemble these you will need:

  1. a drill and 3mm drill bit;
  2. soldering iron and solder;
  3. masking tape, the blue or green one;
  4. clear PVA glue;
  5. wood filler and paint - or not.

If you don't solder we can put a couple of spade connectors on for you, no charge.  But the best connection is a soldered one.

Of course we can assemble for you if you want.






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